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Away Rotation Instructions

General Information

  • All away rotations count toward Tier 2 credit only and are NOT eligible for honors
  • Students may get either 2 or 4 weeks of credit per institution. Please note: UCLA’s block calendar doesn’t line up with ours (their blocks are 3 weeks). Students may either request an extra week at UCLA, or just receive 2 weeks of credit for 3 weeks of work.
  • The away institution must have a Training Affiliation Agreement (TAA) either in place or in progress. Please see the Training Affiliation Agreement Report on the UME website, which lists the institutions that UCSF has an affiliation agreement with.
  • Away rotations require advance approval via an Extramural Course or Clerkship Application that is routed to the department at UCSF, as well as Dean Masters. Instructions for obtaining approval are provided below, and on the form itself.
  • In addition to the UCSF approval form, many institutions have their own application for students. Sometimes institutions request a letter of good standing, an embossed school seal on a form, or a certificate of malpractice/liability insurance.

Student Instructions

  1. 6-9 months before the rotation, check to see if the institution is listed in the Training Affiliation Agreement Report, which can be found here. If it is not, contact Cha Viloria to see if a TAA can be worked out for the location. Please note that for international rotations, Dr. Mylo Schaaf must approve the experience before the TAA can be addressed.
  2. If you are interested in doing an international clerkship, please contact Mylo Schaaf in order to review the international programs with whom we have pending TAAs, and to discuss previous student experiences at various programs. Dr. Schaaf will need to sign off on the Application for Extramural Course or Clerkship form if you are doing an international rotation.
  3. Submit the Extramural Course or Clerkship Application form to S-245 at least 4 weeks prior to the start of the start of the rotation.
  4. Provide a copy of the Evaluation Form - Off-Campus Elective (scroll down to Evaluation Forms section) to your supervisor at the away institution and ask that he or she submit it after the end of your rotation. Students will NOT receive a grade until this evaluation is received. Evaluations should be emailed to Laura (LJ) Moore; you may also contact her if you have any questions about regarding evaluations.