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Medical Education
Medical Student Education

Additional Resources for Competency Development

These supplemental resources are available to help students address learning goals and improve their skills in one or more competency domains.

Many of these resources are available to all students; those that are available by referral only are marked as such.

Resource Type Availability Competency Domains Addressed
UCSF Learning Resource Services Campus resource - academic services all  
Peer Teaching Program Campus resource - tutoring MS1, MS2 Medical knowledge
One-on-one tutoring Campus resource - tutoring MS1, MS2 Medical knowledge
Medical Knowledge Category Representatives Campus resource - academic services MS1, MS2 Medical knowledge
Foundations 1 Element Directors Campus resource - academic services MS1 Medical knowledge
Vice Dean Catherine Lucey's videos on clinical problem solving Online course/module all Patient care, Medical knowledge
"Think Like a Doctor" blog from The New York Times Blog all Practice-based learning and improvement module 6: Build the Relationship Online course/module all Interpersonal & communication skills
AHRQ PSNet Patient Safety Primers Online resource all Systems-based practice
IHI Open School Program   Online course/module all (registration required) Systems-based practice
Selected bibliography Books, journal and online articles all all