Requesting Accommodations

Follow the steps below to request special accomodations.

Step 1: Contact MSDS

Current and prospective students should email to schedule an intake appointment.  Appointments can take place via phone, Skype or in person.

Step 2: Provide Documentation of your Disability

Students are encouraged to send disability documentation to MSDS in advance of an intake appointment, but can also bring documentation to the appointment. Students are encouraged to provide all historical documentation for evaluation. Guidance will be provided regarding the extent and type of documentation needed after an intake appointment.

MSDS has also developed several Verification Forms to assist students with obtaining documentation. Please use the form specific to your category of disability (e.g., physical disability, chronic health conditions, psychological disabilities and ADHD). Students who do not have documentation of their condition, and/or who believe they have an undiagnosed condition, should contact SDS to consult.

Step 3: Make a Formal Request for Accommodations

Students can make a formal request through our secure webportal. You will be asked to provide information about your disability, history of accommodations, and to make requests for specific accommodations. You will also be afforded an opportunity to upload documentation. 

Students are encouraged to submit the completed form to MSDS in advance of an intake appointment, but can bring the completed form to your intake or complete it during or after the meeting. Completing the form online does not constitute formal registration. Students MUST complete an intake appointment with the Director of MSDS in order to be considered for accommodations.                                                                                                                                                           

Step 4: Determine eligibility and accommodations

MSDS will review all requests for accommodations, taking into consideration the information provided during the intake meeting, all disability documentation, and the requirements of the School of Medicine to determine eligibility for services, and, if appropriate, recommend specific accommodations.

Step 5: Orientation Session

If a student is eligible for accommodations, they will meet with MSDS to review policies and procedures regarding the provision of accommodations.

Step 6: Accessing Recommended Accommodations

MSDS has established procedures for each phase of medical education. Information on the process will be provided during the orientation session.

Meeting Technical Standards

MSDS will work with your deans to determine if the requested accommodations are reasonable and that they do not alter an essential feature of the curriculum or technical standards.