OSCE and CPX Exams

Standardized Patient and Clerkship Exams: 

Accommodation letters for examinations must be specific to each exam, and each portion of the exam.
For medical knowledge exam accommodations in a core or elective clerkship: 

1.    Notify your clerkship director by email four weeks before the start of the clerkship and attach a copy of your accommodation letter. 
2.    Shelf exams are ordered at the beginning of the block, so you must notify the clerkship director 4 weeks before the block begins to ensure your accommodations are available. 
3.    8-week clerkships are proctored through the office of student disability services. All other clerkships (FCM, ObGYN, Psych, and Neuro) are accommodated via the course coordinators of those programs. Students must contact these clerkship coordinators directly they wish to use accommodations on their clerkship exams (shelf exams).