Essential Core

Once your eligibility for accommodations has been established, follow these guidelines:

  1. For accommodations in the Foundations of Patient Care (FPC) Essential Core course involving preceptorships and clinical skills exams (e.g., the OSCE): You must contact the FPC course director as soon as your accommodation letter is available. Present your accommodation letter and discuss with the course director details of accommodations. Accommodations for the OSCE exams require complex and detailed planning and require extensive notice.

  2. If you’ve been assigned an accommodation involving the location of a first- or second-year preceptorship you must notify the School of Medicine immediately. Contact Christina Cicoletti (415- 514-3415) with your letter of accommodation.

  3. For accommodations in other Essential Core courses: At least four weeks before the start of each block, speak to one of the course directors about your accommodation needs as described the accommodation letter. Follow this procedure for all EC courses, even those that span more than one term (e.g., M&N). During this conversation:
    • Provide them with an electronic copy of your accommodation letter
    • Determine who else needs to be aware of your accommodation needs(e.g., co-directors, course administrators, other instructors or co-directors) in order to facilitate them.
    • Notify, by email, those identified instructors and other members of the teaching team who need to be aware of your accommodations.
    • For test accommodations, notify your course director at least four weeks before the start of the course or, minimally, two weeks before the exam.
  4. If you have any difficulty arranging your accommodations, contact Lisa Meeks for assistance.
  5. For note taking and alternate format media accommodations, follow the procedures outlined by MSDS in advance of each block.