Clinical Core

How To Use Accommodations in the Clinical Core and Advanced Studies:

Once your eligibility for clinical accommodations has been established, follow these guidelines:

  • If the location of a core or elective clerkship needs to be specified to meet an accommodation:
    1. You must notify the School of Medicine at least four weeks before the EVOS scheduling process, which occurs in early January of years 2 and 3.
    2. For 3rd year clerkships contact: Sara Clemons ( 415-476-2348)
    3. For 4th year clerkships contact: Cha Viloria (; 415-476-8084)
  • If accommodations at a clinical site are needed: Notify your clerkship director 2 months before the start of the clerkship by email and attach a copy of your letter of accommodation. For the first clerkship, or for any away/visiting clerkships, make your request as soon as you are assigned to your clinical sites.

Accommodation letters for examinations must be specific to each exam, and each portion of the exam.

  • For medical knowledge exam accommodations in a core or elective clerkship: Notify your clerkship coordinator by email four weeks before the start of the clerkship and attach a copy of your accommodation letter. Shelf exams are ordered at the beginning of the block, so you must notify the clerkship director 4 weeks before the block begins to ensure your accommodations are available. It is best to notify clerkship coordinators at the beginning of the 3rd year.
  • If your accommodations involve a Clinical Performance Exam (CPX), you must notify the CPX Director, Kanade Shinkai, by email, by January 1 of your second year because the CPX exam series begins in Transitional Clerkship at the beginning of third year and continues through the end of third year.