Prevalence of Self-disclosed Disability Among Medical Students in US Allopathic Medical Schools December 07, 2016

By Lisa M. Meeks, PhD & Kurt R. Herzer, PhD, MSc Studying the performance of medical students with disabilities requires a better understanding of the prevalence and categories of disabilities represented. It remains unclear how many medical students have disabilities; prior estimates are out-of-date and psychological, learning, and chronic health disabilities have not been evaluated. This study assessed the prevalence of all disabilities and the accommodations in use at allopathic medical... Read More

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Cheri Blauwet: I’m the Doctor, Not the Patient October 03, 2016

Because she wasn't already accomplished enough, gold medalist Cheri Blauwet becomes a doctor and opens more eyes around the idea of "disabilities." Read More

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Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Students With Disabilities in Medical School May 17, 2016

By Lisa M. Meeks, Ph.D., UCSF School of Medicine, Gregory Moorehead, Ed.D. University of Chicago, and Timothy Montgomery, MA, University of California, San Francisco Medical school, for some, remains the ultimate “glass ceiling” — the unseen yet unbreakable barrier that stands in front of one’s dream career as a physician, regardless of his or her qualifications and achievements. Medicine still employs the “medical model” of disability, meaning that disabilities represent a deficit of sorts,... Read More

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