Pathway to Discovery in Molecular Medicine

If you are interested in pursuing the Molecular Medicine Pathway for 2018-19, please email Pathways Central for futher information

The Molecular Medicine Pathway to Discovery provides training and a career-support framework to help students and residents envision a "career path forward" that combines clinical practice and disease-oriented laboratory research.


February 22 - GME Applications Due

March 20 - Inquiry Symposium Registration (link TBA)

June 1 - UME Applications Due

All years: September 1- Annual Individual Development Plan (see IDP form)

Years 1 and 2: April 15 - RAPtr application for summer research

Year 3: November 30 - RAPtr Letter of Intent to apply for year-long research support; January 15 - RAPtr application for year-long research support

Research Year: July 1 - MD with Distinction enrollment

Year 4: February 15 - Thesis draft due; April 1 -  Final Thesis due

MMP Contacts

Benjamin Cheyette, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychiatry

(415) 476-7826

Kristin Haynes
Course Coordinator
(415) 476-4534

Goals of the Molecular Medicine Pathway

  • To provide UCSF students with a foundation of course work and an intensive laboratory research experience with a carefully chosen mentor and role model
  • To enable UCSF residents to "keep the flame of research interest burning" through participation in elective coursework, seminars and journal clubs, and laboratory research when possible, as they complete their graduate clinical training and apply for fellowships

Read more about the program goals.

In the News

  • Fourth-year medical student Sam Brondfield is different. He has spent his student career exploring disease in every stage. It’s ambitious, but Brondfield — who first was interested in studying the stars — has always seen the bigger picture.