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Associate Dean for Students

Position Description

The Associate Dean for Students (ADS) provides leadership in the design, implementation, and continuous improvement of initiatives to ensure the academic success, personal well-being, community building, and informed career choices of our talented medical students.

The ADS reports to the Vice Dean for Education in the School of Medicine and serves as an essential member of the Vice Dean’s leadership team. The ADS functions as a collaborative colleague with the Associate Dean for Admissions, the Associate Dean for Curriculum, and the Associate Dean for Competency Assessment and Professional Standards as well as the directors of the Joint Medical Program, the Medical Scientist Training Program, the Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Program, and the Program for Medical Education for the Urban Underserved for issues related to student wellbeing and success. The ADS oversees a staff of educational professionals and academic counselors who work collaboratively with students and faculty to support the collective student life experience. In addition, the ADS is responsible for oversight of the Advisory College Mentors, the Advisor for Diverse Students, the Student Well Being Program, and the Director of Medical Student Disability Services

The ADS is expected to use evidence-based strategies in his/her work and to contribute to the national conversation on professional identity formation, student wellness, mentoring and advising, and career counseling.

This is a 0.90 FTE position, funded through the Office of Medical Education.

Personal Qualifications

We seek a physician leader with the capacity to inspire, support, and encourage students, and to design and implement the systems needed to ensure that all of our students master the competencies needed to advance science and provide the highest quality, most patient centered care. S/he must enthusiastically and expertly advance our culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This leader will be expected to demonstrate or develop expertise in the curriculum of the School of Medicine, the developmental challenges facing our diverse community of students during this intensely formative period of their lives, the School’s role in the National Residency Matching Program, and the legal and regulatory environment in which medical education operates.  The work of the ADS is done with and through others and thus, the successful candidate must be able to engage and empower School of Medicine faculty and staff as well as UCSF campus staff and leaders to advance our collective work and to ensure a positive environment for all. Essential skills include creative problem solving and the ability to work within systems.

Position Requirements

The successful candidate will have:

  1. An MD degree;
  2. Experience in undergraduate medical education with documented effectiveness as a teacher and/or mentor of medical students;
  3. Demonstrated commitment to advancing the culture and climate of diversity and inclusion at UCSF;
  4. Demonstrated experience as an effective leader;
  5. Earned the rank of associate or full professor.

The official start date for this 0.90 FTE position is July 1, 2016.  The Office of Medical Education will provide 0.30 support for the chosen candidate between March 1 and July 1, 2016, for development and onboarding.

The Deadline for Applications for this position is November 2, 2015.

Interested faculty are encouraged to apply by uploading their CV and completing the Qualtrics Application located here: