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Medical Education

Job Openings in Medical Education

Interview Coordinator (Job Req. 42662BR)

The Admissions Office Interview Coordinator position schdules approximately 500-520 medical school applicants for interview appointments during each admissions cycle, with over 100+ members of the Admissions Interview Committee. Each applicant is scheduled for two interviews; therefore, the Interview Coordinator schedules over 1,000 interviews each cycle. The admissions cycle extends over a period of several months, beginning in late June and lasting through May; interviews during each application admissions cycle are scheduled by the interview coordinator from August through March. Apply online

Simulation Education and Assessment Specialist (Job Req. 42881BR)

The Kanbar Center for Simulation, Clinical Skills and Telemedicine Education has an exciting job opportunity. The posted position is for a Simulation Education and Assessment Specialist, SEA. The SEA specialist will be responsible for the development, pilot testing and implementation of new tools to assess learners across the health professional schools using simulation-based strategies. In addition, support and consultation for simulation-based curriculum development across programs and schools as well as data management for quality improvement of programs and of the simulation center as a whole are part of the responsibilities. Graduate degree in education required. Apply online.

Outreach Stewardship Awards Analyst (Job Req. 42951BR)

The purpose of the Outreach Stewardship Awards Analyst position within the Center for Faculty Educators (CFE) is to serve as a first point of contact for teaching faculty at UCSF. This position serves primarily volunteer teaching faculty in areas of outreach, stewardship, reward and recognition of teaching and service to the school. The individual markets teaching opportunities to faculty, engages interested faculty in various teaching opportunities within the School of Medicine (SOM), stewards educators through various CFE services and opportunities, such as workshops offered by the Research and Development in Medical Education (RaDME) program, and provides services in the areas of reward and recognition. The Outreach Analyst works closely with SOM curriculum programs to understand teaching opportunities well enough to triage requests and interest from faculty. In addition, the individual works closely with SOM departments for appointments, promotions, and recognition events. Apply online