Six Years Later: Impacts of the Health & Society Pathway

The Pathways to Discovery program works to help learners of all levels forge the path towards their own unique and fulfilling career in medicine. One of the many ways this is accomplished is through providing students access to myriad early research opportunities, offering a valuable advantage throughout the remainder of one’s academic career. Dr. Sanket Dhruva was a part of the first cohort of UCSF medical students to take part in the Health & Society Pathway and is still appreciative of the lessons he learned from his participation in the program during its infancy.

Though he left UCSF in 2012 for a cardiology fellowship at UC Davis and is currently at Yale as a Robert Wood Johnson Clinical scholar, the support and skills that Dr. Dhruva gained during that first year motivated him to pursue a career in research. The work he began in the Health and Society pathway during the summer of 2008 has resulted in more than ten publications on device regulation and eventually to an op-ed in the New York Times. Co-authored by Dr. Dhruva and his mentor Dr. Rita Redberg, the article discusses legislation being introduced that could threaten public safety in numerous ways, particularly in relation to device standards.