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Medical Education

Highlights from the Western Group on Educational Affairs Conference (March 20, 2017)

In February, the Western Group on Educational Affairs (WGEA) held their annual meeting in Utah. Twenty-two OME staff attended to learn about trends in medical education, some of whom presented their research and perspectives on topics such as:


  • Developing Competencies for Teaching Diverse Learners in Medical Education (Holly Nishimura)
  • Leading Change (Kevin Souza, Sara Clemons)
  • Digital Tools to Promote Knowledge and Skill Translation (Chandler Mayfield)
  • Instructional Design Mindset for Medical Education (Christian Burke)
  • Launching a Complex, Integrated Curriculum (Jenny Crawford, Matt Trojnar, Allison Ishizaki)
  • Case Studies in Successful Active Classroom Activities (Julie VanderMeer)
  • Early Medical Students in Novel Health Systems Improvement Curriculum (Stephanie Soong)
  • Clinical Microsystems Solution: Technology to answer the increased complexity of Curricular Transformation (Sascha Cohen)
  • Lessons learned from the Bridges staff team: Promoting professional development through ARCH Weeks (Kristen Fitzhenry)