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Program Administrator Financial Resources

The Office of Graduate Medical Education assists program administators with finance matters related to UCSF trainees. In addition to facilitating health insurance recharge, OGME also runs several programs to aid program administrators with trainee reimbursement.

Health Insurance Recharge

Resident and fellows enroll in insurance plans by working with their program coordinators. The GME finance unit manages the monthly recharge process. Each month (before the 3rd Friday of the month), program coordinators will submit an excel health insurance template to GME finance to process the recharge.

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Needs-Based Relocation Reimbursement Program

GME trainees new to UCSF in ACGME and ABMS programs may be eligible for relocation reimbursement up to $1,800. Eligibility will be determined through verification of program and PGY through MedHub and proof of eligible expenses. Program Coordinators should submit the application to GME Finance through UCSF Box by August 4, 2017. Program Coordinators will be notified of eligible trainees the week of August 18, 2017.

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17-18 TEV (U85-2 ConUS)

17-18 TEV Tips

TEV Example

17-18 Allowable Reimbursement Expenses

Declaration of Missing Receipt Form

Declaration of Missing Receipt Instructions

License and USMLE Partial Reimbursement Program

Resident and fellows in ACGME and ABMS programs pay out of pocket their USMLE Step III, new license and renewal fees during their current appointment year. The fees may be eligible for partial reimbursement by their departments. When departments reimburse trainees for the fees, departments will then submit a quarterly funds transfer request form to GME finance through UCSF Box for reimbursement.

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Funds Transfer Request

Meal Card Program

Residents and fellows who are assigned to a rotation with an average shift length of 12 hours or more at UCSF will receive meal money in the amount of $200 per month. All other trainees will receive meal money in the amount of $75 per month. Each month, program coordinators will transfer funds to the eligible trainee’s meal card. Each month, GME Finance will process the transfer to departments based on actual meal money spent, up to the budgeted amount. Quarterly, program coordinators will zero out the meal cards.

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Meal Tracking Training Manual

Meal Card Zero Out Template

Blumberg Loan

The Blumberg Loan is an interest free loan that was established through the Office of Graduate Medical Education (OGME) to financially assist UCSF residents and clinical fellows. Residents and clinical fellows may request a loan from two months prior to start date through five months prior to current appointment end date. The loan may be in the amount of $1,200 or $2,400. For all loans, including those requested prior to start date, the GME contract must be completed and signed, and both MedHub and OLPPS entry must be completed. Direct Deposit must be set up with Payroll.

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Salary Scales

UC Office of the President determines resident and fellow salary. The salary scale includes minimum and maximum salaries and the housing allowance. New rates will be available in June, upon approval from UC Health.

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