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UCSF Patient Care Fund - for Clinical Housestaff

Funded by UCSF Medical Center and supported by the Dean's Office, School of Medicine. Sponsored by the Resident & Fellow's Council.


The Patient Care Fund was established in 2002 in recognition of the special perspective of UCSF resident and clinical fellows in identifying opportunities to enhance the care of UCSF Medical Center patients. Each year, the Patient Care Fund Committee, composed of representatives of UCSF Medical Center, UCSF Office of Graduate Medical Education, and the Resident & Fellow's Council, accept project proposals for review. In total, $50,000 is made available to fund approved projects. Projects are judged based on relative patient care impact, sustainability, and compliance with UCSF policies.

How to Apply

All residents and clinical fellows are invited to apply with creative, innovative solutions that improve care for UCSF Medical Center patients! Watch for emails annoucing application deadlines.

SFGH Patient Care Fund - for Clinical Housestaff

Every year a pool of funds exceeding $100,000 is allocated towards the purchase of items that contribute to patient care at San Francisco General Hospital. This money was earmarked towards this purpose years ago as part of the CIR union contract.

Recent examples of items purchased include TV/DVD/playstation for pediatric patients; condolence cards for patients' families; a bladder scanner; taxi vouchers for pregnant patients; portable interpreter speaker phones; and more. Applications for items to be purchased with these funds are accepted on a biannual basis. We encourage new and creative ideas!