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Child Care Resources

Campus Life Services offers an array of child care and family services including child care centers at Laurel Heights, Mission Bay and Parnassus, as well as back-up care and home help, and referral services.

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Lactation Accommodations

The Lactation Accommodation Program provides faculty, staff, residents, fellows, and students access to over 30 rooms at nine campuses. All lactation rooms are equipped with a hospital grade breast pump, comfortable chair, and table. Hot running water is available inside the room or close in proximity. Access varies among each lactation room. 

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Additional Resources

  • Pregnancy Guide

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology has developed a comprehensive guide for patients at UCSF including (but not limited to), beginning pregnancy, the help care team and their roles, prenatal visits, common discomforts or pregnancy, danger signs of pregnancy and tests and other screenings. Trainees may also find the following guide helpful:

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  • Mental Wellness During Pregnancy and Beyond

it is very common to be depressed, anxious, or stressed during pregnancy and after. If you find you need addtionaly support, the Faculty and Staff Assistance is available to you.

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  • Events and Networks

Campus Life Services offers events for UCSF parents and families. Past events include choosing child care workshops, private and public school information nights, raising resilient children workshops, and documentary and panel discussions on topics like bullying. More information is available through the events pages below.

Parent Education Events 

Parent Networks