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GME Evaluation & Assessment Tools

In mid-2007 the Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education appointed a GME Evaluation Task Force to be chaired by the GME Director of Curricular Affairs. The Task Force was charged to “use its theoretical and practical expertise to review currently used tools and propose a centralized set that all GME programs will be encouraged to use.

The Task Force met 1-2 times each month from September 2007 to June 2008 and searched for best practices among the tools used by residency and fellowship programs at UCSF. They applied their knowledge of the literature and evidence on the reliability and validity of assessment in medical education to help guide the recommendations. Theoretical considerations were especially helpful when evidence was lacking or incompletely developed. In making their  recommendations the Task Force aims to supplement the ACGME resources by identifying best practices at UCSF, and proposing a core set of tools for the assessment of competencies shared across all GME programs at UCSF: professionalism, interpersonal & communication skills, and elements of practice based learning and improvement.

Appendix A - ACGME Common Program Requirements - Section IVB

Appendix B - ACGME Common Program Requirements - Section V

Appendix C - Examples of Focused Assessment Tools