Global Health Organizations


UCSF Global Health Sciences (GHS) is dedicated to improving health and reducing the burden of disease in the world's most vulnerable populations. It integrates UCSF expertise in all of the health, social, and biological sciences, and focuses that expertise on pressing issues in global Health. GHS works with partners in countries throughout the world to achieve these aims.

GHS is composed of an innovative team of educators, researchers and healthcare professionals working in California and around the world to train global health leaders and build sustainable solutions to improve health and eliminate disease.

UCSF is an institutional member of CUGH, the Consortium of Universities for Global Health. CUGH is dedicated to creating balance in resources and in the exchange of students and faculty between institutions in rich and poor countries, recognizing the importance of equal partnership between the academic institutions in developing nations and their resource-rich counterparts in the planning, implementation, management and impact evaluation of joint projects.

This student-led group is focused on raising awareness in the UCSF community about international health issues. Yearly events have included: an elective fall lunch-time course for students to hear UCSF faculty and global health experts present their global health research and programs, a “mixer” to link UCSF global health faculty with students interested in summer or ongoing projects, and a journal club. Students from all UCSF schools are welcome to participate.

Do you have in international clinics or hospitals that need basic medical supplies? Remedy can help! A student-run, faculty-supervised organization, Remedy collects unused medical supplies from the UCSF medical center for UCSF faculty, staff and students to use in domestic and international projects. Developed by UCSF medical students, Remedy has been successfully reducing UCSF’s unused medical supply waste and repurposing it for global and local aid since 2004. Please contact: