About Global Health

The goals of the Global Health Pathway are:

  • To provide UCSF undergraduates with a Pathways Explore option in Global Health, which allows medical students who are not committed to the Global Health Pathway to investigate a possible career interest in this field.
  • To prepare UCSF undergraduate and graduate trainees to be successful in global health careers, through knowledge acquisition, skill building, and academic project work in the Global Health Pathway to Discovery. The experiential focus of this Pathway will be a mentored project that focuses on an underserved population. Medical students who undertake a Pathways project that meets more rigorous requirements for dissemination, scope, and impact, may also apply for the MD with Distinction in Global Health Program. Students and trainees are also encouraged to consider advanced degree work by enrolling in the Masters in Global Health through Global Health Sciences at UCSF.
  • To support collaborative projects across disciplines and schools by engagement in such inter-professional programs as the complex humanitarian leadership skills training program.

The Global Health Pathway will achieve these goals by offering courses and educational opportunities to build a background understanding of the vocabulary, problems, and concepts in global health, and to develop tools for success in global health careers.

Successful graduates of this program will pursue academic careers in global health research, in global health medical education, in agencies such as the WHO, CDC, USAID, or as project officers in Foundations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates or the Clinton Foundations, or combinations of the above.

A number of different programs are offered to meet these goals.

  • Health Professional Students

Pathways Explore Global Health

Pathways to Discovery in Global Health

MD with Distinction in Global Health

  • Residents, Graduate Students & Fellows

  Global Health Clinical Scholars Program

         Masters of Science in Global Health Sciences

Global Health Pathway Programs

Read more about our programs and their requirements in the Global Health Pathway Information Packet.

Health Professional Students

The Pathway to Discovery in Global Health is a program for UCSF medical students who want to make a commitment to become part of the official pathway. This Pathway supports students who are involved in global health through in-depth course work as well as longer-term clinical or research experiences.

Residents, Grad Students & Fellows

Two pathway options are available for graduate level professionals and UCSF trainees: