2018 Projects

Project Priorities for the Summer of 2018

Specific projects TBD

Project Area/Bridges Curriculum

Project Advisor(s)


Pre-Orientation for Class of 2022

DoQuyen Tran-Taylor

Plan pre-Orientation activities, develop materials for incoming students


Associate Dean Karen Hauer

Activities during ARCH weeks; Clinical Skills assessments

Differences Matter/Diversity/Equity/Inclusion

Alejandra Rincon, 
Andrea Jackson, other faculty TBD

Characterize and improve aspects of diversity in the curriculum.

F1 blocks

Foundations 1 faculty

Session, case, assessment, and learning material development

F2 Curriculum

Foundations 2 faculty

CIEx courses; FS in F2 Day

Core Inquiry

Michelle Hermiston

Core Inquiry Curriculum (CIC) case and session development; Inquiry Immersion curriculum and mini-courses

Career Launch

Career Launch faculty

Career Launch; Assessment in Tier 1 rotations

Technology Enhanced Education

Technology Enhanced Education Staff TBD

Asynchronous learning lesson projects or other projects TBD


Faculty Topic Stewards

Dedicated work on threads/topics