2017 Projects

Projects offered for Summer 2017

1. Pre-Orientation TA Activities: Be like Carlos or Jordan! We are looking a set of TAs for this summer’s Pre-Orientation online Course! This project would be focused on development of activities for the online course, coordinating with the blocks and central SOM leadership, and running the online course itself once it starts.

2. Inquiry CIC Case Development: After running one year of Inquiry CIC, we have learned a lot about what makes a case work and what doesn’t. Help us go through our cases and revise/edit them for next year’s class!

3. Pathogens and Host Defenses Active Note Taking Guides: As you know, Peter and Brian like their handouts. Help them create active note taking guides for next year’s class (and solidify your own understanding of microbes) by creating these objective-driven guides for each didactic session during the Pathogens and Host Defenses Block.

4. “Hazards of Hospitalization”: A Choose Your Own Adventure Module: Help us to create an online “choose your own adventure module” for the Geriatrics focused week of your upcoming Life Stages block. This will include working with Geriatrics faculty from the VA on the content and the iRocket team for the development of the module on iRocket.

5. Creating a Functional Guide to the Wild West of Online Resources for Embryologic Development: There are a ton of existing resources out there for embryologic development and we need a review done to see what we need to create (if anything!) The end goal of this project would be a user friendly (and well designed) guide to the existing resources for next year’s students and faculty with possible secondary goals of creating new materials to fill in gaps.

6. Clinical Reasoning Case Development for the DR Block : Projects could adapt to student interests but include the development of online videos of clinical scenarios featuring a pediatric and geriatric patient, and the development of a small group focusing on compassion and empathy from a leadership role.

7. Online Module Development for the Revised “ABC Block”: The ABC block will be undergoing changes for the 2017 academic year and there will be the need for modules to be developed for this block. Topics still TBD but may include such areas as genetics and/or pharmacokinetics.

8. Checkpoint TAs: the Ground School and Life Stages blocks will need help with the testing of their checkpoints over the summer to get ready for the New Year.

Last Updated: February 24, 2017