2013 Projects

High-Value Cost-Conscious Care: Teaching About Administering Quality Care While Reducing Unnecessary Healthcare Costs

  • Harjus Birk - Medicine
  • Advisor(s): Cindy Lai, MD

Developing and Implementing an Innovative Interprofessional Antimicrobial Stewardship Curriculum

  • Lisa Kim - Medicine
  • Mari Nanamori - Pharmacy
  • Sharmin Shekarchian - Medicine
  • Advisor(s): Peter Chin-Hong, MD; Brian Schwartz, MD

Integration of Ultrasound into the Core Curriculum

  • James Cotton - Medicine
  • Kevin Kane - Medicine
  • Advisor(s): Emily Webb, MD; Kimberly Topp, PhD, Nathan Teismann, MD

Integration of classroom and online curricula to enhance medical students’ learning of dermatology

  • Matthew Dizon - Medicine
  • Advisor(s): Erin Mathes, MD; Kanade Shinkai, MD

Exploring New Learning Platforms – Using Odigia to Transform the Essential Core Syllabus

  • Sarra Borhanian - Medicine
  • Matthew Hudnall - Medicine
  • Advisor(s): Katherine Hyland, PhD; June Chan, PhD; Chandler Mayfield, Christian Burke

Introductory Learning Modules for Drug Dosage Forms and Delivery Routes

  • John Horner - Pharmacy
  • Advisor(s): Tina Brock, EdD, MS; Leslie Floren, PharmD

Developing a Longitudinal Infectious Disease Curriculum for Medical Students: PHASE 1– Linking I-3 to the Internal Medicine Clerkship

  • Lisa Kim - Medicine
  • Sharmin Shekarchian - Medicine
  • Advisor(s): Peter Chin-Hong, MD; Brian Schwartz, MD

A multifaceted approach to revising the I-3 rheumatology curriculum: improving inter- and intracourse collaboration through technology enhancements

  • Kimberly Maurer - Medicine
  • Advisor(s): Mary Nakamura, MD; Andy Gross, MD

Toward a Curriculum to Review, Assess, and Improve Retention of Medical Knowledge

  • Joe Sanford - Medicine
  • Allison Schneider - Medicine
  • Advisor(s): Tracy Fulton, PhD; Marieke Kruidering, PhD