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Medical Education
Educational Evaluations

Student Evaluation of Courses and Educators for Foundations 1 Policy

The purpose of this policy is to outline the requirements of student participation in the evaluation of courses, teachers, and other educational programs or interventions in Foundations 1.

The School of Medicine makes every effort to ensure that the evaluation burden is kept at a minimal for students. In return, students are expected to complete all of their evaluation assignments in a timely manner in order to inform educators, course directors, and educational leadership for ongoing decision-making and improvements.

1. Students are required to complete course and teacher evaluations within two weeks of the end of each course.

2. All students will complete evaluations of all of their small group facilitators, coaches, and programs.

3. Within Foundations 1, students will be randomly assigned to complete a full set of evaluations for a course (i.e. course, lectures, and labs), core program, or educational interventions.

4. Student responses to evaluation questions will not be linked to their names.

5. A limited number of randomly selected students will be assigned to focus groups for in-depth feedback on courses, core programs, or educational interventions in the Bridges Curriculum.

6. Students who complete less than 70% of the evaluations assigned to them during a course will be contacted by the Educational Evaluations unit and encouraged to complete at least 70% of their evaluations by the end of the subsequent course.

7. When a student is unable to complete 70% of their evaluations, the coaches and/or the Associate Deans will strategize with the student on how best to meet this competency of Professionalism.


Updated May 2017