Digital Text Books

Digital Textbooks are exploding and now available on many devices and in many formats. We are currently experimenting and piloting several new digital textbook platforms and tools. Below is a sample of what is currently available.


Essential Core Textbooks

Some of the digital text books used in the Essential Core Year 1 and 2 curriculum are available to purchase on Inkling. You can purchase by the chapter and full text books can currently be purchased at a 20% discount. Inkling digital text books are available on the iPad, iPhone, Mac and PC. Also many of the textbooks used in the Essential Core are also available via mobile-optimized websites through the Library.

Anatomy and Microbiology Lab Manuals

The Anatomy Learning Center is utilizing iBooks to create Multi-Touch textbooks for anatomy lab guides and instruction. These beautiful, media-rich lab guides are designed for use on the Anatomy Learning Center iPads, and are also available for students to download through the CLE. The Microbiology lab manual is also be available as an iBook to help provide students with more engaging and media-rich instructions and resources to guide lab activities.

Infection, Immunity & Inflammation Digital Syllabus

Through the great work of Shawn Gogia and Dora Friedman, 2012 Curriculum Ambassadors, and Kimberly Maurer 2013 Curriculum Ambassador, the Infection, Immunity and Inflammation course syllabus is availableas an iBook. This digital syllabus has embedded videos, color image galleries, links to external sources, and enhanced note taking functionality.

UCSF Library Resources

The UCSF Library provides access to a growing collection of ebooks in the health sciences and related subjects. To learn more about available textbooks – and to get help with downloading, printing, and mobile access – visit the Library’s online guide, Electronic Books at UCSF