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Medical Education

David M. Irby, PhD

Professor in Residence

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521 Parnassus Ave, Clinic Sci , San Francisco, CA, 94143
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  1. Teherani A, Irby DM, Loeser H. Outcomes of different clerkship models: longitudinal integrated, hybrid, and block. Acad Med. 2013 Jan; 88(1):35-43.
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  2. O'Sullivan PS, Irby DM. Reframing research on faculty development. Acad Med. 2011 Apr; 86(4):421-8.
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  3. Hemmer PA, Busing N, Boulet JR, Burdick WP, McKillop J, Irby D, Ann Farmer E, Duvivier R. AMEE 2010 symposium: medical student education in the twenty-first century - a new Flexnerian era? Med Teach. 2011; 33(7):541-6.
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  4. Irby D. Educating physicians for the future: Carnegie's calls for reform. Med Teach. 2011; 33(7):547-50.
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  5. Loeser H, Irby DM. University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine. Acad Med. 2010 Sep; 85(9 Suppl):S97-9.
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