Residents, Grad Students, and Fellows


The GME arm of the Clinical and Translational Research (CTR) Pathway to Discovery for Residents allows residents and fellows to gain a foundational understanding of clinical and translational research method through didactic courses and to participate in a mentored research project during their training. This training will allow residents and fellows to improve their evidence-based medicine skills and provide support and inspiration for the pursuit of academic careers as clinician-investigators.

Available online are self-guided modules related to


Successful completion of the CTR Pathway requires proficiency in 3 components: didactic learning, a mentored experience and a legacy project. For residents in the CTR Pathway, these 3 elements are typically fulfilled by

  • successful completion of one of the Designing Clinical Research (DCR) courses (EPI 202, 150.03, or 150.04) with submission of a 5-page protocol at the end of the course
  • completion of (or at least a good faith effort to complete) a mentored research experience (typically the protocol developed in DCR)
  • publication of a manuscript or submission of research abstract to a scientific meeting

Pathways residents are required to submit a brief annual program evaluation and will be evaluated annually by their research mentor. Pathway residents are encouraged but not required to take advantage of other RRTP programs such as the Department Ambassadors, the Resident Research Funding Program, and the Resident Research Travel Program.

Residents must apply by February 15.


The application for 2014 is closed.  Please look for the 2015 application in December/January.