About Clinical & Translational Research

Clinical and Translational Research Pathway Programs

The Pathway to Discovery Program in Clinical and Translational (CTR) Research is designed to stimulate passion for discovery and provide training and mentoring that will encourage and allow learners to conduct innovative research that improves health and relieves suffering. The CTR Pathway offers streamlined, coordinated courses of study within both undergraduate and graduate education in health sciences with opportunities for obtaining certificates and advanced degrees.

The CTR Pathway is housed within the UCSF Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) and builds on

For pre-doctoral learners, the CTR Pathway offers two major programs:

  • Core CTR Pathway - requires no additional overall length of training
  • Advanced CTR Pathway - requires additional years of training and can lead to certificates and advanced degrees.

Advisory Faculty

CTR PathwaySenior Advisory Board

The Clinical and Translational Research Pathway Senior Advisory Board is composed of leaders within various training and didactic areas. The Board is composed of a small group of senior faculty leaders in specific content areas relevant to the Pathways program: medical student programs, resident programs and fellowship programs.

CTR Pathway Advisory Council

The Clinical and Translational Research Pathway Advisory Council is composed of a group of interested faculty and stakeholders from across all training levels, disciplines and UCSF Schools constructed to bring diversity and innovation into the program. The Council is composed of interested faculty from a variety of disciplines to bring diversity and innovation into the Pathways program. The Council includes the Senior Advisory Board.