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Mark Quirk, EdD from the AMA Speaks at UCSF

Mark Quirk, Ed.D., will visit UC San Francisco on February 25, 2014 to present an afternoon workshop preceded by an 11am - noon keynote lecture, “Shifting the Medical Education Paradigm from Knowledge to Critical Thinking” as part of the annual Course and Clinical Educators Skills Development Day sponsored by RaDME.  We are honored to welcome Dr. Quirk to share his perspective on the importance of metacognition in health professions education.  Dr. Quirk’s lecture will provide the context, and then the workshop will provide those engaged in teaching with strategies for encouraging learners to develop metacognitive skills, and opportunities to practice those strategies.

Dr. Quirk is currently with the AMA as vice president for Medical Education Outcomes. From 1978 to 2012 he had been at the University of Massachusetts Medical School serving most recently as professor and associate chair of family medicine and community health and the assistant dean for academic achievement. He directed the Center for Clinical Communication and Performance Outcomes, the Center for Academic Achievement, and the Clinical Faculty Development Center—a 16 school collaborative devoted to teaching and learning medicine.

He has published two books and more than 70 articles on medical education and behavioral science research. His articles appear in diverse journals including Family Medicine, Radiology, Teaching and Learning in Medicine, Social Science in Medicine, Health Psychology, Academic Medicine, International Journal of Psychology, Environment and Behavior, Preventive Medicine and Merrill Palmer Quarterly. His latest book, published 2006, is Intuition and Metacognition in Medical Education: Keys to Developing Expertise.

A full day of workshops on educational skils topics is planned for Feb 25.  To read more, and to sign up to attend, go to: