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How UCSF Contributes to a Practice of Best Evidence in Medical Education

Arianne Teherani, PhD leads UCSF's BICC effortsIn 2014, the UCSF Center for Faculty Educators (CFE) became a Best Evidence in Medical Education International Collaborating Centre (BICC)The BICCs are an international group of institutions and organizations worldwide committed to the development of evidence-informed education in the medical and health professions.

The application to and selection for BICC entails a competitive process and it is an honor for CFE to join and collaborate with other institutions such as the Aberdeen Patient Safety Commission and King’s College in the United Kingdom, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Maastricht University in the Netherlands, and Stellenbosch University in South Africa.

As a BICC, the CFE has three goals:

  1. Promote teaching and learning in medical education based on evidence
  2. Develop educators informed on evidence-based teaching
  3. Advance educational research using a scholarly approach

In its two years as a BICC, the CFE continues a commitment to creating a culture of best evidence medical education.

A few highlights of our efforts:

  • Developed multiple approaches for incorporating evidence into our practice. We have created a series of brief one-page brochures that include a description of an educational theory and applications of the theory called Pearls on Educational Principles (PEARLS).
  • Offered 88 faculty development sessions to UCSF full-time and volunteer faculty in the last academic year. Faculty development leaders maintain an evidence-based repository of articles for informing workshop curricula and materials.
  • Participated in the BEME Review Editorial Committee and dissemination of evidence-informed teaching in the health professions. Our team is producing a BEME Review entitled Cognitive Load Theory in the workplace and implications for health professions education led by CFE affiliated faculty and doctoral student, Justin Sewell. In addition, Bridget O’Brien and her team are leading two additional reviews: one on situated learning in health professions research and shared mental models, with Leslie Floren, PharmD to support clinical teamwork.
  • CFE and its affiliated faculty and learners published over 150 peer-reviewed articles related to medical education in the last academic year.

There are opportunities for BICC-related involvement for interested UCSF faculty including engagement in workgroups focused on evidence translation in education, organizing, appraising and conducting reviews, and designing and teaching faculty development offerings. For more information on getting involved contact Arianne Teherani at

By Holly Nishimura and Arianne Teherani, PhD
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