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CFE Highlights Key Initiatives for 2018

Patricia O’Sullivan, EdD and Ann Poncelet, MD are excited to share with you highlights of 2018 initiatives.


CFE Mentoring and Peer Feedback Focus:

Mentoring is a vital ingredient of the CFE. Academy members and CFE researchers mentor junior faculty, residents, and students interested in education and education research.  ESCape is a weekly forum for peer mentoring to enhance scholarship. The AME Innovations Funding Program has built-in feedback through open proposals. Applicants to the AME and abstract submitters to the CFE Showcase receive coaching and feedback. In 2018, the CFE will enhance mentoring opportunities. The Academy scholarship committee will launch a coaching initiative to support bringing promising Showcase abstracts to dissemination.  The winter Academy site-based meetings will include a mentoring mini-workshop developed by master mentors Drs. Mitch Feldman and Cathy Lomen-Hoerth.

Investment in the Education Science Domain in Inquiry:

In 2018, the CFE will lead the curriculum for the education science domain during the Deep Explore phase of the Bridge’s Curriculum. We will continue to offer the Curriculum Development and Teaching Strategies course for students, residents, and fellows as well as "Works in Progress" to facilitate development of scholarly projects.  We also help to identify and recruit faculty for education science offerings in the 2018 MS1 Mini Courses and MS1 Inspirations session. 

Addressing Diversity: 

The nascent Academy Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee, chaired by Denise Connor, MD is off to a great start working on three main initiatives:

  1. Training the Academy community in diversity, equity, and inclusion as it pertains to education,
  2. Partnering effectively with the broader diversity initiatives at UCSF leveraging the mission, purpose, values, and strengths of the Academy, and
  3. Ensuring a culture of diversity and inclusion within the Academy with transparent and critical review our own diversity and inclusion. 

The CFE is revisiting all of its offerings to highlight addressing diversity equity and inclusion emphasizing teaching techniques to promote a positive, inclusive and equitable learning environment.

Wellness across the curriculum:

The 2018 Education Showcase will continue to address wellness issues, building on workshops from last year’s Showcase and a memorable visit by Adi Haramati, PhD for the Academy’s New Members celebration.  Our local plenary in 2018, given by Larissa Thomas, MD; Jyothi Marbin, MD; and Rita Nguyen, MD will describe using design thinking approach to promote wellness. Workshops will include "Helping trainees navigate professional identity tensions in the age of social media" and "Recognizing and addressing students in crisis."

CFE Review:

OME Report 2016-2017We have spent this year in a series of mini-retreats examining the educational research and faculty development missions of the CFE. Our plans are to expand as a center for education scholarship and dissemination in concepts that educate the 21st century health professional.  We will sustain our strong programs in support of educators and expand our efforts to embed faculty development into those places faculty interact with learners. We anticipate drawing on the many CFE participants (graduates from Teach for UCSF, Teaching Scholars Program, and advanced degree programs) along with Academy members to become the skilled champions to help in these "education microsystems."

Developing Educational Leaders and Scholars:

A new Teach for UCSF Educational Leaders Certificate with launch in 2018. David Irby, PhD and Bruce Blumberg, MD with an excellent team have created a series of skill building workshops on educational leadership. Jyothi Marbin, MD is serving as Certificate Steward making sure that the workshops are achieving their desired goals.  More details can be found online.

In 2018 the CFE welcomed the third cohort to the PhD in Health Professions Education. This program is key to ensuring that our curriculum has strong scholarly underpinnings. CFE looks forward to implementing these initiatives and others to meet the needs of UCSF faculty.

Read more about recent CFE Scholarship in the OME Annual Report 2016-17.