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Medical Education
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Advocacy & Communications Champion

Anda Kuo, MD
Anda Kuo, MD - Advocacy & Communications Champion (ACC)

As the Advocacy and Communications Champion (ACC), Dr. Kuo serves a key leadership role in the AME and sits on its Leadership Council. In partnership with the director and staff, she will support and facilitate AME's growth and evolution toward a more "outward facing" organization by engaging across AME committees and member activities to network, connect, leverage and communicate important common aspects of AME work.

Anda will report to and meet regularly with the AME director and will help to amplify the "voice" of the AME and of educators in the School of Medicine. Working closely with AME staff, she will develop, implement and serve as editor of a new, quarterly online AME "journal," and will coordinate deployment of a portfolio of communications, including Chatter, blogs, email blasts, etc.

Anda will nurture and promote AME outreach and advocacy for educators and the SOM educational mission by galvanizing AME members' reach into and across departments; promoting engagement with Bridges and other important educational priorities; supporting new AME initiatives for educators to "belong" to the AME; and overseeing the AME teaching awards. Contact Dr. Kuo


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