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Innovations Funding: Examples and Links to Funded Projects, 2001-present

Examples of innovations include:

  • A specific component of faculty development;
  • Measuring the efficacy of learning of a particular objective(s) in an innovative way;
  • Integration of specific basic sciences with clinical disciplines (Anatomy Selective, as above, for example);
  • Addressing specific, "emerging" curricular areas of importance. Examples include but are not limited to: long-term care & chronic illness, geriatrics, pain management, disabilities, rehabilitation and end-of-life care;
  • Developing electives for fourth-year students that cover content that is recommended for students heading into a particular field, but content that would not necessarily be considered "in the mainstream" of that field. Examples include: office gynecology and contraceptive management for the future primary care physician, and fluid and electrolyte management strategies for the future surgeon.

Links to funded projects (by year submitted/reviewed)

Projects awarded since the 2013-2014 cycle are posted on UCSF Open Proposals; Access proposals prior to 2013 from left-side menu; viewing proposals requires a MyAccess log-in.