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Academy Application: Preparation and Submission

A strong membership application requires thoughtful advance planning and several iterations of review with the assigned coach.

Key steps to applying:

  1. Download Workbook Part 1 and FAQs. Draft your application using the Word templates provided and review with coach.
  2. Email the final draft application to the AME at for administrative review by or before April 30 at 5pm.
  3. Following a satisfactory administrative review, submit the final on-line application by May 23. (Link will be provided by the AME.)

The following components comprise a complete application:

Checklist: specifies the candidate’s educational focus(es) and roles in which they are applying.

Personal statement: two pages maximum; should thoughtfully describe the candidate’s educational philosophy, trajectory, future direction, and intended contributions to the AME and the school.

Educator’s Portfolio: see Workbook Parts 2 and 3 for templates and examples. A maximum of 7 pages, the EP contains:

  1. A 1-page Executive Summary that briefly describes up to 5 significant contributions to education, organized by role, with Teaching as the first contribution.
    • There may be more than one highlighted contribution in a given role (e.g. Teaching and 2 examples of Educational Leadership).
  2. Up to 3 detailed role descriptions (maximum 2 pages each)
    • Teaching is required, plus 1-2 other contributions highlighted in the Executive Summary.
    • Candidates with significant leadership responsibilities (e.g. course, clerkship or residency director) must apply in Educational Leadership.

Letters of support:

  • Department chair letter - may be written by a division chief, but must be transmitted to the AME by the department chair with endorsement of the content.
  • Up to two additional letters that specifically address impact of the applicant’s work in the Educational Roles in which they are applying.

All letters must be requested by the candidate but emailed by the letter writer directly to the AME ( All letters must be contained within the message body of an email. Attachments cannot be accepted.

For help, contact Kathleen Land, AME Membership Lead,