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Academics as businesspeople: how our #Meded research leaders can change our organizations

This KeyLIME (Key Literature in Medical Education) podcast, from the Royal College of Physicans and Surgeons of Canada, reviews an abstract that questions the possibility of looking at HPESUs (health professions education scholarship units) as Institutional Entrepreneurs. Abstract authors include CFE Researchers Bridget O'Brien, PhD; Olle ten Cate, PhD; and David Irby, PhD.

Publication details: Varpio L, O'Brien B, Durning S, van der Vleuten C, Gruppen L, Ten Cate O, Humphrey-Murto S, Irby DM, Hamstra SJ, Hu W. Health Professions Education Scholarship Unit Leaders as Institutional Entrepreneurs. Academic Medicine. 2017. Jan 24 [ePub ahead of print].

If HPESUs (health professions education scholarship units) are defined as "organizational structures within which a group of people is substantively engaged in health professions education scholarship" - does this mean heads of HPESUs act as Institutional Entrepreneurs?