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Medical Education

Catherine Reinis Lucey, MD

Vice Dean for Medical Education, Executive Vice Dean for the School of Medicine

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521 Parnassus Ave, Clinic Sci , San Francisco, CA, 94143
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Catherine Reinis Lucey, MD, is vice dean for education and executive vice dean for the School of Medicine. She directs the undergraduate, graduate and continuing medical education programs of the School of Medicine and the Office of Medical Education. Dr. Lucey comes to UCSF from Ohio State University where she was vice dean for education for the College of Medicine and associate vice president for health sciences education for the Office of Health Sciences. She is a member of the AAMC MR5 committee, charged with overseeing the revision of the Medical College Admission Test process. Dr. Lucey completed her residency in internal medicine, including service as chief resident, at the UCSF-affiliated San Francisco General Hospital, after earning her medical degree from the Northwestern University School of Medicine.

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