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Medical Education
Bridges Curriculum

Vision Stage: Bridges Leadership and Design (BLD)

The Bridges Leadership Design (BLD) Group included health professionals, scientists, and educators with the expertise to define future health care systems and the type of physician who will be successful working in and improving those systems. The group worked from January - November 2013 to define the enduring and emerging activities necessary for the 21st Century Physican to improve health and the health systems in which they work. BLD members had expertise in the following key areas: 

Healthcare Goals Pedagogy Complex Systems
  • Access
  • Collaborative care
  • Equity
  • Patient centered
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Workforce diversity
  • Assessment
  • Faculty development
  • Program evaluation
  • Instructional methods
  • Interprofessional Health Education
  • Student experience
  • Biomedical
  • Economics
  • Educational (current curricula)
  • Healthcare finance
  • Informatics/data
  • Policy

The BLD Group reported to and sought approval from CCEP directly (in the manner of the Integrated Curriculum Steering Committee ). BLD consulted with ICSC to devise a framework for approval of pilots and other innovations and submitted regular updates to ICSC.

The curricular work needed to design the Bridges Curriculum was tasked to educators through a series of working groups. 


   *Academy of Medical Educators Member