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Medical Education
Bridges Curriculum

Second phase of the Bridges Curriculum launches January 2018

December 13, 2017

With the implementation of the School of Medicine’s Bridges Curriculum in August 2016, UCSF began training medical students in a culture of inquiry and continuous improvement, where our physician graduates are ideally situated to lead, serve, learn, and thrive in the world of medicine that will exist when they are ready to enter practice.

Bridges amplifies the enduring qualities of the very best of San Francisco’s practicing physicians:  compassionate, accountable, and trained to meet the healthcare needs of our increasingly diverse patient populations.

With the launch in January 2018 of the second phase of Bridges—Foundations 2—UCSF will continue to lead innovative approaches to educating 21st Century physicians.

In Foundations 2—comprised of core clerkships, new elective opportunities, and longitudinal experiences dedicated to foundational sciences and inquiry—Bridges students will continue to expand their learning of foundational sciences, and preparing to become excellent clinicians in a rapidly changing healthcare environment.

This exciting second phase of Bridges represents collaboration among a range of basic science and clinical faculty experts. These experts have led the charge among School of Medicine ‘agents of change’ who embrace new methods of teaching, including integration of foundational science and clinical learning.

Not all clinical learning is at the bedside, and with the grwoing emphasis on ambulatory experiences better to leave that out. Also, “bench” is typically used to refer to basic laboraty research, not to learning

“We are eager, proud and excited to implement the new curricular components as a novel integrated model of teaching and learning foundational sciences with clinical education,” says Catherine Lucey, MD, Executive Vice Dean, Vice Dean for Education.

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