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Inquiry Immersion Mini-Course Leader

Watch the Inquiry Overview video and read more about the Inquiry Curriculum here.

The central goal of Inquiry Immersion mini-courses is to help students in the healthcare professions shift from the concept of medicine as a series of facts to be learned from textbooks or didactics, to a vision of medical practice as engagement with an ever-evolving and imperfect body of knowledge.


Develop and teach a two-week mini-course in January 2017 for 8-12 students centered on a current challenge or controversy in healthcare.  Mini-courses require 12 hours of afternoon class (after 1pm) time spread over 2-4 days/week (length and location of class at faculty discretion)

Each course should have a capstone component that may take the form of a presentation, debate, group project, or proposal.

Faculty Benefits:

  • Opportunity to design and lead a new course on a healthcare topic that you are passionate about
  • Get to know a group of medical students, develop new collaborations and recruit students to your project in the future
  • Receive credit towards promotions/advancements for being a course director
  • Develop new collaborations and recruit students to work on your research project in the future
  • Learn new teaching skills

Faculty Development and Support:

  • Dedicated staff to support your administrative needs


  • Ability to develop a 2-week course on a current challenge or controversy in healthcare

*Indicate your interest and submit a preliminary course proposal by June 1

Time Commitment:

  • 12 hours of class time, scheduled for afternoon time blocks (Mon-Thurs, after 1pm, 2-4 days a week) either at Parnassus or Mission Bay depending on faculty preference
  • January 2, 2017-January 12, 2017

To apply, fill out the 2016-17 Teaching Interest Form