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Medical Education
Bridges Curriculum

Faculty Development

Faculty are critical to the success of our academic mission of teaching the new generation of physicians.

Bridges Faculty Development MOC Course

Get involved in an institution-wide educational quality improvement project to increase awareness and understanding among UCSF faculty about the new School of Medicine Bridges Curriculum and increase faculty’s familiarity with new content. Participating in this project will increase your own understanding and provide you with an opportunity to earn Maintenance of Certification Part IV credit. To learn more and enroll for MOC credit, go to

If you want to learn about Bridges without participating in the project, below are a series of videos developed for all faculty who interact with students and other learners at UCSF.  

In addition to the videos, faculty are encouraged to visit the Center for Faculty Educators site for a listing of educational skills workshops. Further resources for faculty development can be found here

  1. Inquiry

  2. Assessment

  3. Interprofessional Collaboration

  4. Value-based Care

  5. Systems Skills

  6. Informatics and Technology

  7. Equity and Diversity

Curriculum Overview


Overview of 7 New Focus Areas for "Faculty of the 21st Century"


A Deeper Dive: The 7 Focus Areas in Detail






Interprofessional Collaboration


Value-based Care


Systems Skills



Equity and Diversity


Informatics and Technology

UCSF Bridges: Informatics and Technology in Medicine from UCSF iROCKET on Vimeo.



Other Resources