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Medical Education
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F2: Core Clerkships

Foundations 2 is the 48-week long phase where students receive their core clerkship training with an emphasis on applying foundational sciences to patient care. In a new model, one day per week will be dedicated to reinforcing and advancing student understanding of foundational science and learning the science of healthcare value.

This core clerkship phase spans 12 months starting in January of the second year. 


Key Activities during F2

  • Clinical Immersion Experiences (CIExs)

CIExs are clinical electives that students will experience during the Foundations 2 (F2) phase. The F2 phase spans 48 weeks and consists of 12 weeks for third-year students to schedule their CIEXs (2 weeks in the Pediatrics and Obstetrics/Gynecology clerkships, 4 weeks in the Neurology and Psychiatry clerkships, 2 weeks in the Anesthesia clerkship and 4 weeks for vacation).  CIExs can be scheduled as either 2-week or 4-week experiences once Bridges launches.

Read more about CIExs

  • Inquiry case content and “spiral learning” of the Foundational Sciences in preparation for Deep Explore projects and the USMLE licensing examinations.
  • Structured time for students to enhance career exploration by either extending core clerkships or arranging for elective experiences.
  • Students will take their USMLE Step 1 and 2 exams at the end of Foundations 2 to reinforce the importance of sustained basic science competency to the clinical practice of medicine. Read the report to learn more about placement of these exams at the end of Foundations 2.

Foundations 2 Resources