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Clinical Immersive Experiences ahead with the launch of F2!

October 12, 2017

Starting January 2018, Foundations 2 (F2) medical students will participate in Clinical Immersive Experiences (CIExes), new elective rotations as part of the Bridges Curriculum.

“Clinical immersive experiences will give students the opportunity to explore clinical experiences in their own areas of interest,” says Leslie Sheu, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor, Co-Director for CIEx. “Through comprehensive planning with the F2 leadership and CIEx course leads, we have ensured that students will have a diverse menu of CIEx opportunities to choose from, representing a range of specialties.

“Our hope is that students will explore specialties and subspecialties of potential interest that are not traditionally represented in the core clerkships, helping them make informed decisions about residencies, while honing their clinical skills.”

CIExes will occur in two- to four-week intervals prior to career launch. They can be subspecialty electives or immersive inpatient experiences where students work closely with residents, fellows and attendings in providing clinical care; integrative electiveswhere students may spend half-days in various settings in different divisions or departments;  apprenticeship experiences, where students work closely with a mentor to observe day-to-day life in a potential field of interest; or clinical skills building electives.

“Through these electives and apprenticeship opportunities, students will advance knowledge gained in F2 and build on the integrated Foundations 1 curriculum, through a spiraled learning approach and via immersive experiences gained during their clerkships,” says Sarah Goglin, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Rheumatology, Co-Director for CIEx.

“We are particularly excited to offer students integrative experiences, which allow them to experience and learn about a disease or organ system from the viewpoint of various specialties during a single elective. For example, in the Integrative Musculoskeletal Elective, students will learn about musculoskeletal diseases from educators in orthopedics, rheumatology, radiology, psychiatry, sports medicine, PT/OT, and anatomy through clinical experiences and didactic sessions.”

Drs. Sheu and Goglin are among School of Medicine faculty – supported by the Bridges course development team – who are leading the charge to embrace new methods of teaching that challenge the traditional model of separating bench from bedside learning.

New Bridges CIExes are available to students as clinical electives in the current academic year.