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Medical Education
Bridges Curriculum

Career Launch

Career Launch is the final, highly individualized phase lasting 53 weeks. It includes dedicated time for students to complete a scholarly project while they pursue advanced clinical training that prepares them for their chosen career paths.

Two Major Components

1. Clinical component

  • students prepare for their chosen residency with a personalized approach to advanced clinical learning
  • students demonstrate uniquely UCSF clinical values


  • course and clerkship blocks organized by tiers that fit the goals of Bridges and that ensure student attainment of the expected graduation competence determined for their chosen specialty
  • capstone curriculum built upon the existing Coda course which will conclude the clinical component of the Bridges Curriculum

2. Inquiry Deep Explore component

  • 30-weeks of dedicated project time where students pair with a UCSF faculty mentor to conduct scholarship relevant to a topic in healthcare or the domains of science.

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