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Bridget O’Brien, PhD, researcher in Education Science, video-codes interprofessional learning activities.

Are you curious about how and why Bridges works? If so, there is a community of education science researchers for you. The design of the Bridges Curriculum is grounded in thoughtful considerations for preparing the 21st century physician and using teaching methods based on contemporary thinking about education. Bridges research provides opportunities to apply education science to explore how and why the curriculum works. The results will add to the understanding of how to improve learning.

The current goal of the Bridges Research program is to inspire research collaborations to form around key themes in Bridges such as: inquiry, workplace learning, integration, learner interaction with the clinical environment, continuity with supervisor, site and patient, identity development for all Bridges participants and assessment for learning. 

By focusing on key themes the program can develop substantive lines of research that will contribute to medical education literature. Already Bridges research work has resulted in publications for:

  • systems-oriented workplace learning for early learners
  • assessment through Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) for undergraduate learners

In progress is a study concerning learner interaction with the clinical environment exploring the transition from F1 to F2.

How can you get involved?

The Bridges Research team is building through the following opportunities for the community to generate research agendas and identify individuals interested in collaborating on research questions:

  1. ESCape: A forum to explore and vet ideas from the Bridges community.

  2. Bridges Research Registry: A repository where individuals can propose Bridges research ideas, list their Bridges research studies and explore for potential collaborators.


Patricia O’Sullivan EdD, Director, Research and Development in Medical Education at the UCSF Center for Faculty Educators.