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Inquiry: Developing a Habit of Mind March 24, 2015

Innovation and change in the health sciences are accelerating at an unprecedented pace.  Just 60 years ago, the structure of DNA had only just been proposed; the polio vaccine was newly invented; and the HIV/AIDS was yet to be identified.How can we train physicians of the 21st century to address and manage health problems that have not yet emerged?  How do we prepare our graduates to use tools, technologies and treatments that have not yet been invented? This is the challenge posed by the... Read More

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The New iROCKET Student Dashboard Launches February 18, 2015

The Dashboard project is being developed, through a partnership of Medical Center Information Technology and Medical Education, to benefit and guide student learning and advisement. It is built specifically to provide students with timely evidence about their performance, partly in response to requests by previous UCSF medical students. Phase 1 launched in January 2015.“At UCSF, we believe that medical students should have data-based tools to chart their individualized course through the... Read More

The Clinical Microsystems Clerkship- the Physician’s Experience January 21, 2015

Dispatches from the FieldThe Clinical Microsystems Clerkship- the Physician’s Experience by Dana GreenfieldEveryone's always worried, 'Do I know enough?' but I think that's not actually what will ultimately lead to safe patient care. It’s really about systems and communication. To ensure high quality care, I felt really drawn to improve the system. Once I saw it, it felt almost wrong not to try to fix it.- Dr. Rachael Lucatorto, Assistant Chief, Medical Service, San Francisco VA Medical... Read More

Pioneering a "mini bridges curriculum" November 24, 2014

I left the summer feeling more confident about my ability to contribute to a medical team and quality improvement projects in meaningful ways. I also left with a much more sophisticated understanding of the complexities of our health care system and how easy it is for the most vulnerable patients to fall through holes in it.   -  Donald Richards, Curriculum Ambassador Pioneering a "mini bridges curriculum"by Mitzi Baker (featured in the 2013-14 Medical Education Annual Report)For the last 14... Read More

Shifting Ground: Bridges Curriculum Foundational Sciences Retreat, Part II November 13, 2014

“So what’s the problem?” asked Professor of Neurology and Inquiry working group lead Dr. Dan Lowenstein. “We box ourselves in.” Bridges, he urged, provides a liberating opportunity: to teach any topic (he used epilepsy as an example) outside the compartments of time-limited blocks and disciplines. Spiral learning means that we can introduce, revisit, and reinforce concepts throughout the 4 years, and across different lenses.The second opportunity, he proposed, is to break free of teaching “... Read More

Gaining Ground: Foundational Sciences Retreat Part I November 10, 2014

"I'm not used to thinking this way!" confessed a basic science faculty member. Her admission was out of delight, really, over an exercise that asked faculty to flip the way they usually think of teaching medicine.This frame-shifting moment was just one of many at last month's Bridges Curriculum Foundational Sciences retreat, where around 100 clinical and basic science faculty leaders, as well as student representatives, met to workshop and experiment with the new Bridges Curricular roadmaps.... Read More

University of British Columbia’s Experience with Curriculum Renewal November 05, 2014

The University of British Columbia recently went through a curriculum renewal, and we were lucky to have Dr. Ian Scott here at UCSF to share pearls from that experience. His recent involvement as the leader of a number of the working groups in the curriculum renewal process, including those on continuity, design, transitions, and themes, gives him a unique perspective that is relevant at UCSF.  His lecture was recorded and is also available here: Curriculum Renewal at UBC: The good, the bad,... Read More

Informatics Mini-Summit September 2014 October 21, 2014

Joy. Integrity. Optimization. These are just some of the big ideas and core values that were discussed at last month's Informatics Mini-Summit, where stakeholders in Health IT, Med Ed, and Digital Innovation from across our health systems partners (from the County to the VA) convened to strategize how information technologies will be harnessed to mold the 21st Century Physician. The diversity of the group reflected how much informatics, data, and communications touch upon every aspect of... Read More

UCSF SOM and AMA Mark Major Milestone in Reshaping Medical Education Nationwide October 21, 2014

University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, AMA Mark Major Milestone in Reshaping Medical Education Nationwide UCSF Physicians, Faculty Join Leaders from 10 Other Top Medical Schools at Vanderbilt University to Discuss Next Steps in Preparing Medical Students for Changing Health Care Landscape, as part of AMA’s Accelerating Change in Medical Education initiativeSAN FRANCISCO, CA – It’s been a year since the American Medical Association (AMA) awarded $1 million to University of... Read More

Faculty Approve Blueprint for Bridges Curriculum July 23, 2014

The UCSF Bridges Curriculum will leverage the power of medical education to advance health care today while preparing graduates for their roles as transformational 21st Century Physicians. We will educate our medical students to embrace the roles and responsibilities of the 21st century physician: a collaborative physician who is deeply committed to providing the highest quality care for today’s patients and to advancing medicine and health care for future generations of patients.Faculty-led... Read More