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Associate Dean of Curriculum, Susan Masters, PhD Retires

Associate Dean for Curriculum, Susan Masters, PhD Retires  

After 30 years as a faculty member at UCSF, Dr. Susan Masters will be retiring at the end of the academic year, June 2017. As one of the earliest UCSF full-time basic science educators, Dr. Masters has taught a generation of UCSF professional students basic pharmacology.  She was a lead architect of the 2001 MD Essential Core curriculum and led the Essential Core Life Cycle course for ten years. For the past five years, Dr. Masters has served as the Associate Dean for Curriculum for the UCSF Medical School, carefully stewarding the design of the Bridges Curriculum that launched this fall. We will miss Dr. Masters' energy and enthusiasm and we look forward to celebrating her accomplishments over the remainder of the year. Dr. Masters will be succeeded by John Davis, PhD, MD, who will join UCSF as Associate Dean for Curriculum in July 2017.