Design & Layout

Design Features

  • Green and smart technology for security, ventilation, lighting, hand washing stations and waste
  • Sound dampening wall angles and sky fold room separator
  • Flexible, LED surgical lighting, overhead electical outlets, in-ceiling audio speakers
  • White boards for learning on countless flat surfaces



  • Mobile cadaver tables that can be arranged in creative groupings of learners, and a patterned floor that speeds arrangement of tables
  • Lab was designed to enable use of unembalmed cadavers

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  • Learners from several health professions (medical, pharmacy, dental and physical therapy) use the laboratory and cadavers simultaneously in inter professional education and concurrently in unique program curricula8 cadaver refrigerated storage, sterilizer, dishwasher, chemical/fume hood
  • The lab is designed to enable students to perform intubation, paracentesis and intraosseous infusions under the guidance of emergency medicine physicians. Students are also able to perform laparoscopic surgery under the guidance of surgeons who specialize in minimally invasive techniques.
  • Operating room video can be projected on the lab's wall monitors, enabling residents and attending physicians to practice what they are observing in the OR
  • Medical procedures carried out in the lab can be video projected to the adjacent "clean" classroom, facilitating the learning of those not physically present in the lab
  • The lab can be used as an extended simulation center for inter professional team development and feedback
  • Classroom is equipped with ultrasound imaging, which allows medical students to use the technology for examinations and procedures training under the guidance of radiologists and emergency department physicians


  • Robust wireless that facilitates real time searches for primary literature and image sharing
  • Faculty-designed iBooks dissection guides delivered via iPads in student hands at cadaver tables
  • 72-inch wall monitors may be used individually or in groups for image projections of related content (radiology, histology, pathology, laboratory medicine)
  • Mobile carts with video cameras and hand-held video cameras and microphones that enable real time projection of cadaver views and demonstration audio to wall monitors and/or students' iPads
  • Classroom in the Anatomy Learning Center is equipped with ceiling microphones, video conferencing capabilities, and 72-inch monitors that raise and lower and are equipped with touch-screen technology
  • Physical therapy students will also use ultrasound for studies of musculoskeletal structure and function
  • Classroom and lab can be video-linked to our Teaching and Learning Center and Kanbar Simulation Center for telemedicine learning
  • Classroom can also be video-linked to several operating rooms within the Medical Center, facilitating the learning of local and visiting residents and attending physicians
  • All media can be content-captured and stored for later use