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Medical Education

Learning Environment

At UCSF everyone around me wants to see me succeed. - John Paul Farala

To learn more about daily life at UCSF, support for students, and the general learning environment, we encourage you to explore this section further.

Medical Student Advisory Colleges

Students find a home in one of four Advisory Colleges, each headed by a senior faculty member who mentors and advises the students in his or her college, tracks their progress though medical school, facilitates opportunities for research and service, and offers career counseling. Students find that their Advisory College is an ideal resource for help and assistance - both from faculty mentors and from third and fourth-year students.

Colleges also organize small group sessions on various topics, providing opportunities for more intensive study and discussion than is possible in a large classroom setting.

Medical Student Disability Services Program

Our Medical Student Disability Services Program is also available to support students’ disability related needs. The office works to ensure UCSF maintains an accessible environment for all students.

Medical Student Well-Being Program

Medical school can be a time of great excitement and personal growth. But it can also be stressful, particularly for students juggling family responsibilities in addition to their studies.

Our Medical Student Well-Being Program is designed to promote a healthy learning environment and to help students with the variety of challenges they may face during medical school. The Well-Being program staff offers a wide range of programs and services, from helping students cope with complex issues of death and dying to offering more pragmatic assistance such as preparing for board exams.

Professional Development

Professionalism is the basis of every physician's relationship with their patients. As a result, we place a premium on professional development, making it an integral part of the medical curriculum. We offer students a clear set of physicianship skills and principles that define the profession of medicine at its very best, as well as an evaluation process that assures our students consistently meet these standards. We also offer a variety of resources to assist our students as they navigate the residency and career-choice process. To learn more about career advising, please visit the Career Decision Making website.