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Medical Education

2015 Teaching to Choose Wisely Awardees

The "Teaching to Choose Wisely" campaign is an initiative designed 1) to prepare clinicians to implement high-value decisions, and 2) to develop educators with focused expertise in teaching the principles and practice of healthcare value. 

The project titles and team leaders are:

"The PedsValue Module: A Nationally Developed Pediatric High-Value Care Education Series" (Dr. Ryan Padrez, Pediatrics)

"Teaching Resident Surgeons the Costs Associated with Surgical Supplies" (Dr. Matthew Truesdale, Urology) 

"Medical Students as High-Value Care Officers" (Dr. Trevor Jensen, Medicine)

Each project team will receive $20,000 to carry out its aims over the next year. Details of all projects can be viewed at the Open Proposals site.  

The training initiative of the UCSF Center for Healthcare Value has a central mission of defining, championing and integrating high-quality education in healthcare value throughout training programs for educators, clinicians, researchers and healthcare leaders. The Center hopes to continue supporting educators from all UCSF health professions in their scholarly pursuits related to healthcare value through future requests for proposals.